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The Mediterranean Series:
The Mediterranean Kitchen

Bill Bradley, Registered Dietitian will lead you step by step to creating your own Mediterranean kitchen. Included are guidelines on ridding yourself of unhealthy foods, what to replace them with, useful gadgets, herbs and spices, kitchen "feng-shui", and easy recipes using your new well-stocked kitchen. A cooking demonstration and taste testing are included.

Searching for the Perfect Diet: Journey to Crete

The Mediterranean diet has been hailed as the healthiest in the world and the island of Crete the healthiest in the Mediterranean. Recently, Bill Bradley, Registered Dietitian spent two months on the island eating, interviewing and experiencing the traditional lifestyle of Crete. Bill will relive the journey and share some of the surprising things he discovered. A taste testing is included.

Eating Mediterranean in New England

Most people wouldn't think to compare the sunny Mediterranean with the rugged extremes of New England, yet they share many similarities. In this workshop, Bill Bradley, Registered Dietitian, will discuss how to eat the "healthiest diet in the world" utilizing local New England resources. He will teach easy ways to dramatically improve our health both at home and while eating out. A cooking demonstration and taste testing are included.

8 Week Mediterranean Wellness Class

This 8 week series challenges participants to move towards healthier lifestyles in a relaxed, interactive environment. Subjects include: Goal setting, weight loss, Mediterranean diet, exercise, stress management, and mindfulness. A walking program with pedometers and an exercise program utilizing stretch bands are included. Every class also includes a cooking demonstration and taste testing.

1 day class - Living the Mediterranean Way

A fun-filled, educational seminar about how to live a Mediterranean lifestyle no matter where you live. The day includes cooking classes, an introduction to the Mediterranean diet, how to start living the Mediterranean Way and tips on creating a Mediterranean kitchen. A traditional lunch and snacks from the island of Crete will be served.

Weekend Class - Mediterranean Retreat

This weekend retreat let's participants live the Mediterranean Way while learning about it. We will cook traditional recipes from the island of Crete, eat Mediterranean meals, relax with coffee and tea in the afternoons, learn about the Mediterranean diet, enjoy live music, and discuss ways to bring the Mediterranean lifestyle home with you. Starts Friday evening and ends Sunday after lunch.

Other Workshops:
Healthy Eating 101

A fun, interactive class led by Bill Bradley, Registered Dietitian covers the foods the typical American eats and suggestions for healthier eating. Bill uses props to show how much sugar, fat and calories are in different foods and cooks a healthy dish that everyone gets to taste.

Men's Health (3 weeks)

A 3 week series created and led by Bill Bradley, Registered Dietitian focuses on health concerns which are unique to men. Led in a relaxed, interactive environment subjects include routine medical testing, nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Each workshop includes a cooking demo and taste testing. Pedometers and body fat analysis are also included.